We all know how risky it is to “start-up” a new business. According to a study performed at the Harvard School of Business, around 75% of venture-backed startups fail, and many of them spectacularly so. Some entrepreneurs are unable to scale up their business sustainably, some lose their markets, while others  run into legal troubles. Entrepreneurs looking to start up a business needs someone with  business development and possibly new product development experience. And, if you are a start-up business that operate in a heavily regulated industry, you may very well need a seasoned professional with a regulatory affairs background and possibly even a legal background. someone much like yours truly, Jarvis Jones.

Firstly, Jones possesses a broad array of corporate legal and commercial litigation experience stemming from his broad practice in law firms, as in-house corporate counsel, and as senior regulatory affairs counsel. As a corporate lawyer, litigator and regulatory lobbyist, Jarvis Jones has personally lead Fortune 200 companies and start-up divisions and Units through the maze of legal and regulatory compliance issues that  fluctuate from state market to state market.  In the healthcare and insurance industry, Jarvis has served as a  liaison between companies and  regulators responsible for overseeing and advising business clients on a forever changing legal and regulatory landscape.. Startup companies’ break-out into new markets are only as strong as the people they hire to assist them in  navigating new market opportunities. . A person with strong senior management skills in the areas of law, regulatory compliance, strategic planning and new business development would be a strong additional to any new startup company or even to a Fortune 500 company that is looking to aggressively expand one of its business divisions, units, or products. Jarvis’s skillsets certainly fit the bill.

In addition to Jarvis’ legal and regulatory background, as Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Jones strategically planned, developed, and managed three new “start-up” business units for a Fortune 200 Company. As one could imagine, creating new start-up businesses within an existing established Fortune 200 Company  posed many new and unique challenges to the organization and to Jones himself.  Companies seeking to expand their market shares and product offerings can accomplish such growth the hard way through unforced errors or they can make the unavoidable bell-shaped learning curve straighter by employing management who has traveled that familiar, but hazardous, road a few times in his or her career.  

Jones has practical experience taking an existing a small commercial business  division from writing business through one distribution channel to creating a new company to write new business through four newly created distribution channels. He also has experience working in the medical services division and creating an actual new product development system thereby expanding this division’s new product offerings into new state markets. The person responsible for strategic planning and for developing new business opportunities   must also know how to build and manage cross-functional teams that know how to play well with each other and, simply stated, know how to get the job done.

Jarvis himself has the practical hands-on experience in taking an idea that starts off on a napkin  through the evolutionary business development process thru completion.  Companies — whether start-ups or growth companies —  that are seeking exponential new business and market growth opportunities need senior management personnel that possess the core competence abilities to strategically plan, build and manage cross-functional teams, implement and execute, and ultimately manage the business. Jones has hands-on experience in doing just that for a number of organizational start-up” initiatives. A senior manager with  Jarvis Jones’ skillset and core competencies are  integral to the ultimate growth and prosperity of any new startup company or to any large company looking to significantly expand its new product offerings, new business development or market shares.